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"Seminar in Helsinki (E6)" organized

The Multiplier Event (E6) held in Helsinki, Finland was orchestrated by the Finnish partner, Learning for Integration ry, in support of the Commigration project. This gathering took place on the 25th of October 2023, at the inviting venue of Robert’s Coffee Jugend. Attendance comprised a diverse cohort encompassing representatives from various migrant organizations, the City of Helsinki, international services, adult and vocational education institutions, public health care services, and a contingent of international participants. In conjunction with LFI personnel, the event witnessed the participation of over 30 individuals.

Central to the proceedings was LFI's comprehensive introduction of the Commigration project through a detailed PowerPoint presentation. This presentation expounded upon the project's various outputs, their substantive content, as well as the unveiling of the project's website, training modules, and mobile application. Subsequently, a session of questions and answers ensued, wherein attendees engaged with inquiries regarding the project while actively exploring the project's website and downloading the Commigration application for testing purposes. Notably, there was palpable enthusiasm amongst participants, particularly regarding the training modules, which garnered substantial interest.

The event concluded on a high note, characterized by its popularity and success, culminating in convivial networking opportunities among participants. The affair was punctuated by a convivial atmosphere, complemented by coffee and catering, fostering an environment conducive to collaborative engagement and knowledge dissemination.


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