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The last multiplier event of Commigration "Seminar in Antalya (E4)" was held.

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

The Antalya Seminar (E4), which marked the final meeting of the "Commigration" project conducted by the Antalya Provincial Directorate of Migration Management, commenced on November 8, 2023, with opening speeches by the Director of the Provincial Directorate of Immigration, Derya ERDOĞAN, and Deputy Governor Mustafa Hulusi ARAT. Approximately 100 participants, including representatives from 18 different public institutions, along with protocol representatives, attended the meeting.

The seminar began with a presentation by Ahmet GENÇ, Coordinator of the Center for EU and Foreign Affairs of Governorship of Antalya. Participants were introduced to the Turkish National Agency, and informative sessions regarding European Union Projects were provided.

During his presentation, Migration Specialist Utku TUFAN narrated the story of the Commigration project, introducing its outputs and the conducted activities to the attendees.

Psychologist Meltem AYGÜN, presenting one of the most significant outputs of Commigration, the "Effective Communication Strategy with Migrants," illustrated to the participants how this strategy could be employed through real-life examples.

The seminar concluded with active participation from guests, where Meltem AYGÜN addressed questions regarding communication challenges with migrants, shared her insights, and facilitated an exchange of experiences among participants.


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