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The third TPM was held in Rome, Italy.

The third international meeting for the project Commigration took place in Roma, Italy, between 16-19 June 2022.

The meeting brought together the Project Management Group, composed of one project manager from each of the partner countries, and the participants from Turkey, Italy, Romania, and Finland for the first time face to face because the first two TPM were held online because of the pandemic.

The group held the TPM on the first day of the visit and Satu Mare presented the short video, and Sapienza shared the Training details and received feedback. Group also continued the development of the outputs and developing the project’s evaluation strategy, reviewing quality indicators and discussing the preparation of the three multiplier events to be organized in the second part of 2022.

On the second day, the whole group visited the migration office in Rome, and they both got information about their working style and exchanged ideas. On the third day, the participants attended the ongoing training with the trainees.


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